To those of us…

who believe in children…

who believe in the brilliance of children,

who had to learn how to teach “on the job,”

who have made mistakes in teaching children and teacher candidates and want to do something about it,

who sought and continue to seek answers to questions about teaching and teacher education and how to do it better,

who want to share our expertise in teaching and teacher education,

who are willing to take risks, make mistakes, and learn to do better quickly,

 To the hearts that feel a tightening when thinking about the grave inequities in our education system and beyond…

…To those of us…

who experience(d) the harms of grave inequities in teaching and teacher education enacted on us,

who feel and understand the lingering effects of teaching and teacher education as an adult,

who are sick of competing with each other, especially when the metrics for “winning” are not in service of children,

Who desire to put in the work toward ending educational inequity through teaching and teacher education,

Who are ready to take responsibility for our actions and build a better world for our children,

Teachers, teacher educators, policymakers, philanthropists, academics, parents, children, and others – Welcome. 

Our mission – together – is to collaboratively reimagine and create a more just educational experience for children – especially those who go unseen in our racialized society.

Thank you for joining us. Welcome. THIS is the place for you.